What I Do

River Financial

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Based in San Francisco, River Financial is building the challenger financial institution of the future with a focus on the long-term investor.

Past Ventures

Benson Media

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

A full service digital agency that provided solutions in two primary market spaces: enterprise application development and digital marketing. Founded in 2009 as DJAB Networks, LLC, Benson Media was headquartered in downtown Columbus. Benson Media delivered systems architecture, design, implementation, and application management for mobile, web, and backend enterprise applications with a focus on analytics and systems integration.

Aurora Information Management


A privately held technology company focused on providing cyber solutions to companies in healthcare, financial services, insurance and other high-risk industries. The company provides end-to-end managed security services including strategy consulting, regulatory compliance, operation enhancement, threat and vulnerability management, data management, security analytics, systems architecture, and systems implementation.



An online based e-commerce company providing business risk management and family privacy services. BeneTechs, a fully qualified insurance company, provides packaged risk management services to its business clients such as business continuity planning, disaster recovery planning, data breach assessment and response planning, fraud resolution, and chargeback advocacy.



An online platform for Internet radio streaming with a specialized focus on online syndication of traditional AM/FM radio stations. ShoutcastCity provided content publishers, radio show hosts, and AM/FM radio stations an online Internet radio streaming platform to broadcast content to mobile devices, websites, and Internet radio directories. At its peak, ShoutcastCity supported 500 Internet radio stations with over 1,000,000 monthly listeners.

DJAB Hosting


A privately owned data management company specializing in business class server hosting for small and medium sized business customers. Through horizontal acquisitions and digital marketing strategies, DJAB Hosting grew to provide web, email, and application hosting to 10,000+ customers in over 90 countries before being sold in 2013.



CardinalFM was an internet radio station covering topics about politics, technology, and entertainment news. CardinalFM was sold to Wheeling Jesuit University where it served as the university's official internet radio station.