After going back and forth for some time, I have decided to commit to revamping my personal site. The intention for this site is to serve as a repository for my thoughts on whatever it is that I'm reading or working on at the time. I expect that much of the writings to come will focus on my favorite discussion topics: technology, economics, and geopolitics.

On technology, topics such as information security, information privacy, information management, and artificial intelligence are of paramount interest to me. To date, much of my work experience and education has entailed information management, web & software development, and information security. The social and economic impacts of such technology are of great interest and deserve further study, something that I seek to explore and share.

Geopolitics and foreign relations are another interest of mine that will be discussed in tandem with technology and economics. Despite not receiving any formal education or having any professional experience in this field, I find geopolitics and foreign relations to be an consequential study of our time.

Geopolitics isn't just for international relations geeks anymore